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September 15, 2014

My latest zine "A Hundred Flowers" is available online again but this time through Antenne Books. Click the logo above to be redirected to their site.

September 6, 2014

August 26, 2014

August 19, 2014

August 12, 2014

Tokyo, Japan

August 5, 2014

August 4, 2014

Another friend of mine in Tokyo took a walk with my zine. I hope one day I can see my Japanese friends. Maybe in October/November... crossing my fingers!

Thanks Yusuke Miayamoto for the images.

July 29, 2014


These two photographs are by my Japanese friend Towa Hiyoshi. Thank you Towa-san for giving my Zine it's own private tour of Tokyo! Wish I was there.




Thank you everyone who purchased my color zine! It means a lot to me that people are taking the time and the money to collect my work. Hopefully the next title will be a published book. I have more copies of "A Hundred Flowers" coming in from the printer so my sell page is offline until the next box comes in.

The above image is of my second cat. She's a "tortoise shell" kitten and my girlfriend Ali has named her "Kaiju" which is Japanese for "Strange Beast".


My zine "A Hundred Flowers" is available online: marcelcastenmiller.com/a-hundred-flowers
They're selling for $4 US with a shipping cost of $2 US. 


The "Temporary Accommodation" show last week went great and there was way more people who came than I expected. There even was an interview on theFader.com which is neat.

Today from 2 to 8pm is the zine fair and I'll be heading over to drop off my new color zine titled "A Hundred Flowers". I will only be dropping off 15 copies of 100 so if you can't find one at the fair be sure to check online later. I think I'll be selling them for $4. 

If you're only just hearing about this fair now and have free time in NYC here is the info:

8 Ball Zine Fair - June 29 '14 (2pm - 8pm)
"Space Billiards" located at 34 West 32nd Street, 12th Floor
Free Entry - View Flyer


This month I'll be in a show called "Temporary Accomodations" at a bar called Niagara in their back room on the 24th. Also I'll be printing my first all color zine that will be available upon the launch of the NY Zine fair which is taking place at Space Billiards which is located on the 12th floor of 34 West 32nd Street right off Broadway near the Empire State building. The zine fair is on the 29th of June from 2 to 8pm. I'll attach a flyer for both of these below.







Most people know my favorite Super hero is Spider-man. I secretly have a Spidey costume in my dresser at all times. When I was a child I read and collected three of the Spider-man comic titles, Peter Parker Spider-man, Amazing Spider-man and Spectacular Spider-man. And earlier when I was even younger I watched the "Spider-Man" 1994 Television show almost religiously on Fox Kids. The 1994 Television show was amazing for a kid to grow up on, jokes that Jerry Seinfeld would appreciate (of course the PG-13 kind), dark Parallel Universe edge of your seat dilemmas and of course Spidey! Here's a clip I found on youtube to give you an idea of what the jokes were like: click here.  

As you may have noticed the second photograph above is of Spider-man. I watched "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" with Ali and loved it. The first three movies by Sam Raimi with Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst were fun, and I love Sam Raimi for "The Evil Dead" but they weren't really right, the casting was either great or terrible and so was the timeline of events. So I wasn't surprised when I noticed the reboot as "The Amazing Spider-Man" starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. The first one was not too impressive, the Lizard can be quite a bore in general compared to most of Spidey's villains. However, I knew it was a good start and what a delight to their accuracy of introducing Peter Parker's first love, Gwen Stacy. This second film with Jamie Foxx as Electro is very exciting and especially dark in the best Spidey way. I know a lot of people might not care or enjoy watching the film but it's a Super Hero movie, it's like candy, not everyone likes the same kind. But for me it was a blast!

I will forever love Spider-man. I love that I live in New York City like him and practice Photography like him, what better hero would I possibly ask for? Though it's strange that I have arachnophobia...


Our baby cat Aether is doing well and enjoys sleeping with us at night. I'm so grateful I have the ability to keep him off the streets and safe from the dangers of the city.


First Image: Ali wearing my jeans in the Subway
Second Image: Gio Forfex carrying Sandy Kim
Last Image: Sandy Kim, Maggie Lee and Eddie Goldblatt at Maggie Lee's "Mommy" screening after-party.


A friend of mine who does volunteer work helping cats told me of a little black cat up in Harlem who had been seen getting hit by a car. I went up in the morning on Ali's birthday to see the little guy. Although he looked okay I decided he needed to see a vet and got him in a taxi and took him home. This is his X-Ray and everything seems to look fine. We've just got his chemistry and bloodwork back and he had a high white bloodcell count but is now on antibiotics and is getting better. The Vet said he's about 6 months which means he's possibly a Scorpio. We've named him Aether.

* 5/15/2014 *

Happy Birthday to the best Girlfriend in the Universe! You are the most stimulating and strange creature on this Planet and I cannot wait to learn more about you and go on Adventures and explore more of what it is to be Human. 



(Photographs by Margaret Castenmiller)

On my last visit Home to British Columbia I saw my Parent's storage area and noticed a box that said "photos". I saw a small cooler bag made to look like a Kodak film box, I took it and stuffed it into my suitcase. My intention was to scan what I could and return all the negatives and prints on my next visit. I've only just begun to explore the bag and these two images have me amazed. I feel like Marty in Back to the Future, seeing what my Parents saw before I even took my first breath. I knew my Mother was an avid photographer and documented as much as I did. I hope everyone today knows that there needs to be a higher appreciation for photographs taken in your youth or any stage. Everyone shoots images with their iPhones and most of it goes online but a large amount stays on your phone or gets deleted. If you're reading this, back up your photos! Invest in a LaCie hard drive or start saving your images online. It would be such a shame to not be able to look back. I know I've experience this terrible feeling with most of my forever lost blackberry photographs.

If anyone decides to share these images please credit my Mother, I'm sure she will appreciate it.


(Photograph by Margaret Castenmiller)



One of the lucky days where my Taxi was a motorcycle.


It's amazing to see such large portions of land empty and void of forests. I'm sure this image may come as a bore to some but to me it's as exciting as flying above an alien planet. Maybe it's because I grew up in such a cloudy and wet climate. Speaking of Planets and Climates, I also noticed how living in Texas can feel like living in Space. I may be drawing a very fantastic comparison... to live in an air conditioned house and then be in an air conditioned car to get to an air conditioned store/restaurant and back, it's not much different than being in climate controlled space ship to a climate controlled space station... maybe even a space restaurant. I felt very removed from the out doors, and the A/C really made the transfer from one cool space to the next seem almost deadly. The air heating up your skin, the sun burning your skin. I'd think "I could spend the entire day out doors, and be adjusted to the temperature... but I'd find these houses and cars and stores too cold. Just like how I feel it's' too hot out because of the A/C." But in reality I bet I wouldn't last 8 hours outside without water and shade so I guess it is accurate to say it's too hot... deadly...




























Not today